Month: March 2016

Who Are These Millennials That Are Pro Democratic Socialism?

by Missi Lastra I was visiting with family members when one young gentleman entered the home where we were meeting wearing a Bernie Sanders 2016 t-shirt. Needless to say, I was quite put off and had to hold myself back from starting an anti-socialism debate. The worst thing was he was in the home of…

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Congressman Using the Muslim Faith to Attack Free Speech

by Missi Lastra Democrats in Congress seem to believe we need to have legislation specifically to protect those of Muslim faith living in America.  Representative Donald S. Beyer, Jr. of Virginia submitted H.Res.569 – Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.  This bill doesn’t just attempt to protect Muslims in…

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The Left’s War On Free Speech In America

by Missi Lastra An old friend and ex-colleague sent me a private message on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. He stated that I needed to limit my politically centered propaganda posts (his words) to one per day or he would unfriend me. I really thought about this. Not that I was even remotely considering his request,…

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