The Left’s War On Free Speech In America

by Missi Lastra

An old friend and ex-colleague sent me a private message on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. He stated that I needed to limit my politically centered propaganda posts (his words) to one per day or he would unfriend me. I really thought about this. Not that I was even remotely considering his request, but I was considering how I should handle this situation and be nice, or even politically correct in my response.  After many minutes spent in deep, ponderous thought I quickly replied to him “You will be missed:)!”  I nearly forgot all about it but yesterday I did check to see if he stood by his word……and he did. I give him credit on his follow through.

Where has the right to free speech gone?  I lived in Miami-Dade County for 25 years and as such, have many liberal friends that I dearly love.  Many of those friendships carry over to social media. With social media sites, we are able to keep up with each other’s lives, share stories, thoughts and viewpoints, as well as, participate in good-natured banter on political and newsworthy topics.  I would completely understand if I was saying something mean, hateful or truly offensive.  When did participating in the democratic process and backing a political candidate become offensive? When did we stop encouraging political differences and respect the various viewpoints in this country? When did we forget that Facebook has a “hide post from timeline” function just for the circumstance when one of your friends posts something you don’t want to give timeline visibility? When did we become such easily offended pansies?

As I look at my seemingly insignificant circumstance of an end to a friendship, I see this as a small representation of what is happening to our nation. The Left has declared war on free speech! It is all around us in our everyday lives and is represented heavily in the press.  I saw a headline yesterday that Dr. Ben Carson has declared war on the press, and I say, “It is about time!”  Somebody needs to do this!  The press is protected by the U.S. Constitution, the only business entity that has been given that protection for the sole purpose of protecting free speech. Should our forefathers have foreseen the perverse use of this protection to squash the very right it was meant to preserve?

The press has systematically moved from the ideology of debating the issues, allowing the public to hear both sides and make their own decision.  The Left has systematically moved from a persuasion tactic to a blatant coercion tactic. Coercion is the persuading of an individual by using threats, manipulation, harassment, intimidation and/or force.  Harassment, threats and intimidation have instilled fear in Americans to hold their tongues or to be “politically correct” or otherwise be subjected to isolation, hateful threats and even loss of income by being suspended or fired from their jobs.  Stella Morabito, former intelligence analyst wrote in her piece on mass delusion that political correctness is a tool for centralized power.

When did it become the norm to allow zero tolerance of ideas that go against the liberal agenda?  Actually, public manipulation has been used for years by the Left, who have been employing social psychologists and depth psychologists for decades in their campaigns. Why do you think they never truly address the issues, but launch emotional campaigns such as the “War on Women”?  Emotion is a far more effective way to manipulate the masses than clearly educating them on the issues. After all, knowledge is power and the Left would not want the masses to have any of that.

Kirsten Powers, liberal USA columnist and FOX News contributor is also under attack from her own party over her new book, The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech. In this book she condemns the liberal left.  She truly believes that you win arguments with persuasion rather than coercion.

According to Powers, Media Matters who claims to correct the misinformation of the conservative media, is one of the most damaging forces to free speech. They wage war on investigative journalists who dare to report on anything they do not like.  Sharyl Attkisson, award winning investigative journalist and formerly with CBS is a victim of one of these full frontal attacks from Media Matters when she dared to investigate the White House’s lack of transparency on multiple issues.  Attkisson is just the tip of the iceberg of media personalities that have been attacked by Media Matters for contradicting the Liberal machine. The goal, according to Powers, is to scare other reporters away from investigating issues the Left does not want the American people to see.

As for those who have the courage to be a dissenter, regardless of the social consequences of being viewed as offensive or isolating yourself, dissent on!  Your courage may give other, like-minded folks courage to defy the established narrative. You may even influence others into deeper thinking. Even if they don’t agree with you in the end, they may come to a place of deeper respect for opposing beliefs. In the end, you may have recruited a soldier or two in the fight to preserve Freedom of Speech in America.