Cape Coral City Council Issues in the Press

In an effort to keep you informed RWCCF 1st VP and City Councilwoman Rana Erbrick has provided the following information in response to current City Council issues that have been in the press:

“On Monday, April 18th the Cape Coral City Council will consider Resolution 54-16 which urges Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to reinstate the ban on hunting black bears.  It also requests that the Commission focus more attention on removing conflicts between bears and inhabited area with deterrent measures such as reducing palmetto berry and providing “bear-proof garbage cans.”

While a resolution does not hold the weight that and Ordinance would we should all be concerned with resolutions that are brought forward to make people “feel good.”


In February Council Member Jessica Cosden requested permission to work on an ordinance (law) that would expand the definition of protection to City employees to include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.  She would also like to extend these same protections to all private sector workers within the City limits.   The second ordinance would also have a housing and lending component.   Council Member could not cite an incident that would bring such action forward.  This ordinance is expected to come before City Council in a few weeks.


Also, on Thursday Mayor Marni Sawicki wrote Council requesting that someone bring  up in their reports a request to prepare a resolution to ban City sponsored travel to North Carolina which just passed House Bill 2.  This is the bill that the General Assembly moved forward because of action taken by the Charlotte City Council that dealt with gender identification and which restroom one should be allowed to use.

The General Assembly of North Carolina felt it important to make sure that the rules were consistent throughout the state and to offer those who use public restrooms a sense of security when nature calls.

Unless a Council Member brings this up on Monday night it goes nowhere until Mayor Sawicki returns from a city-funded trip to New York.  It is currently not on the agenda for consideration.” – Rana Erbrick