Letter from the President

Republican Women of Cape Coral, Federated was a vision in the minds of a handful of amazing ladies.  We dreamt of this extraordinary group of strong ladies (and gentlemen) that would offer an inclusive environment for like-minded Republicans from all backgrounds, holding diverse yet conservative viewpoints and willing to step up and lead our local community to preserve conservative values and support Republican leaders in our beautiful paradise – Cape Coral.

An incredible thing happened when Cape Coral folks, some old friends and many new ones, “showed up” on April 14th to take part in this movement. And I call on each of you to continue to “show up” with a friend, neighbor or co-worker that like you, love this city, this state, this country and desire to make a difference.

I promise to endeavor to provide and sustain an inclusive environment of education, inspiration and motivation for our membership. Together we can make a difference in our community. Together we will blaze the path to paint Cape Coral red!

Missi Lastra
RWCCF President