Join A Committee

There is no better way to connect to our club members and your community than by getting involved in a committee.  There is something for everyone and you help is needed. You can answer the call to action with our committee chairs.

LRWF 2017 Committee Chairs:

Achievement Awards:
Bylaws: Margaret Pace
Caring for America: Marty Wisher
Community Engagement:
Fundraising: Peggy Patterson
Legislation: Janine Egler
Membership: Tory Renza 
Newsletter: Susan McNamara
Programs: Rana Erbrick
Publicity: Susan McNamara
Reservations: Missi Lastra
Social Media: Missi Lastra


Below are descriptions of most committees as per the NFRW guidelines:

AMERICANISM:  The Americanism committee submits articles to the Mahout Newsletter that have anything to do with what makes up our American way of life.  An article does not have to appear in every newsletter, but the more the better.  Little added touches such as small flags at the place settings or sticking in the dessert to celebrate Flag Day also comes under Americanism.  Some article titles we have seen this year are: The Origin of President’s Day, The Right to Bear Arms and the Origin of Father’s Day.

AWARDS: Committee members help implement and track points to achieve the highest awards possible in any given two year period.  The NFRW and FFRW have blueprints to help our club be successful and tally up points.   The next cycle period is from July 1, 2015-June 30, 2017.  For the period ending June 30, 2015 our club was awarded the diamond award which is the highest award a club can receive.

CAMPAIGN/ELECTIONS:  The campaign committee does the following; make announcements at meetings and organize campaign workers for state and federal campaigns.  The committee should have someone at each meeting to receive any hours the members wish to turn in.  Also, there should be tally packets available for members to pick up.   We collect hour sheets from members and combine hours in May and complete a report to turn in to NFRW.

CARING FOR AMERICA:  The goal of the Caring for America program is to show that Republican women are caring and responsible members of our communities and building a positive image and attitude towards the Republican Party.  In the past few years we have been running 50/50 raffles at our monthly meetings.  We raised funds for Paws for Patriots.  They train guide dogs for those blinded in combat, Corey Kent who was wounded in Afghanistan and one of our own from Cape Coral.  Footsteps to the Future, helping girls who have “aged out” of the foster care program. And this year Voices for Kids, helping children who have removed from their home.  Also, if we are notified of their arrival we assemble our members to welcome military personnel coming home on leave.  Currently we are open to any suggestions anyone may have on what we can further do for our community

COMMUNITY OUTREACH:  The Outreach Committee reaches out to other groups in order to take the message of the LRFW to these groups.  This committee is an advertisement   for our club. We walk in parades, attend other groups meetings and have table at community events.

FUNDRAISING:  Fundraising is an essential component of every successful organization.

We would not be able to operate our club without funds.  We are always looking for fresh ideas to earn money for our organization.  As a committee member, you will attend a planning   meeting. At the meeting, ideas and projects will be discussed.  Whatever we decide we are able and willing to work on, the committee chairwoman will present the project(s) to the Board for approval.  After the project(s) are approved the committee will meet again and decide who can perform what duties.  Most of the fundraising is done within our organization.  Possible duties:  selling tickets at lunch, setting up at events, decorating at events, working at our fashion show, shoot out and other functions.

HOSPITALITY Volunteers serve as official hostesses, welcoming members and guests at all RWCCF meetings/events, hand out welcome packets to first time guests.  Establish a “buddy system” to have new guests seated with current members.  Hospitality committee works with membership committee to ensure new members information, applications, brochures, etc. are available and that all guests receive this information. Prepares welcome packets for first time guests and new members for every club meeting.  Take orders for name badges, email in and pick up name badges.

LEGISTLATIVE:  Research and follow the progress of legislative and congressional sessions.  Committee members should be aware of who their elected representatives are (even Democrats, heaven forbid)) what committees they sit on and what bills they sponsor, as well as have a working knowledge of the major pieces of legislation.  Also, keep up with what legislation NFRW and FFRW are tracking.

Keep members abreast of legislative news and events on the local, state and national level by speaking to the membership at a General Meeting, or putting a column in the newsletter.  Our club mainly deals with local and state issues as the national level issues are so well covered by the major news organizations.

MELP (Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Program.)  Each year all Federated Clubs participate in this project.  Clubs donate books to deserving organizations or schools (except public schools).  Books are purchased for a specific amount (usually under $150) relative to the age of the children.  The Director of the organization/school is invited to the December meeting (or the month the Chairwoman designates) and is presented with a selection of books and a flag obtained from the Awards Chairwoman.  In 2013 Spanish/English books will be purchased.  This will enable non-English speaking parents to work along with their children.  LRWF received a certificate of participation in the Barbara Bush Literacy Program for our participation. 

MEMBERSHIP:  The committee plans and puts on the New Member Tea once a year. It meets to plan the tea, address envelopes and enjoy cheese and beverages.  The committee  talks to all guests at meetings about the advantages of joining the club, gives them an application and encourages them to join.  New members will be given a new member packet with a committee interest form, membership directory, name badge order form and other items.  We will plan incentives for members who bring in new members.

PUBLICITY:  This committee handles all media correspondence except the newsletter.   Once a month before the 7th of each month, the next month’s program speaker needs to be sent to the email address of various  publications.  It should try once a month to get on Drew Steel’s morning talk show to talk about that month’s program.

Write up notices for any special events sponsored by the club and distribute to media.

REGISTRATION:  is responsible for contacting the venue each month 2-3 weeks prior to our meeting, and deciding on the menu from the selections that are available.  Also to advise them of any special needs for that meeting.  Contacting the editor and publisher of the newsletter with that information before the deadline.

Being available by phone and e-mail to take all reservations.

Preparing a list all attending and forwarding that list to the officers and chairs involved in time for them to arrange introductions and greetings, etc

Scheduling someone to help check attendees in prior to meeting.  Setting up the reception table in the lobby and preparing lists of attendees to facilitate check in and collection of moneys due.

Having a “bank” of $ to make change available.

Having name tags available for use by anyone needing one. Collecting money and checks that are due for meetings and for due, name badges or miscellaneous items.

Giving a final count to the venue.  Adding up the monies collected and giving that, and an accurate list of who paid, to the treasurer so that she can pay the bill from the Hotel.  Billing those who made a reservation and did not attend.

Helping dismantle the Lobby and meeting room when we are finished

Social Media:  Coordinate website maintenance and updating with web master.  Post weekly to website blog.  Maintain RWCCF social media sites.  Attend committee meetings as needed.  Provide newsletter updates as needed.