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Letter from the President

Republican Women of Cape Coral, Federated is growing rapidly.  In just three months we have become 53 members strong with a 10 member Board of Directors.  Growth is imperative for our organization to build a team of educated and motivated Ladies Leading Right. We must be ready to take on the challenges of what is likely to be the most important elections in our lifetime.

Though we will be implementing membership growth initiatives, the most effective growth tools are quite simply, ‘word of mouth’ and inviting.  Please do not keep RWCCF a secret.  Invite your friends,
co-workers, neighbors, family, or the lady who takes care of your dry-cleaning.  Everywhere we go, there are ladies ready to lead.  Let’s offer them the opportunity!

We have our work cut out for us. There are many opportunities to get involved during the 2016 elections and I encourage you to go where your heart takes you.  Together we can make a difference in our community. Together we will blaze the path to paint Cape Coral red!

I wish each of you a blessed and safe Independence Day!

Missi Lastra
RWCCF President

Happy 4th of July