The ladies of the Federation are known for painting their local communities, states and nation RED!  Grass roots campaign efforts are the central driving force of each club. This page is dedicated to informing our members of the current campaigns, both primary and general.

Though NFRW bylaws do not allow clubs to endorse Republican candidates during primaries where there are multiple Republicans running for the same office, we do encourage individual members to support their candidates through both primary and general elections. Once there is a Republican nominee in a general election, we all come back together to make sure Conservatives are elected, or in other words, paint our communities RED!

We have divided the elections into Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida, and National.  We will only identify Republican candidates in each race.

We are always called to action to insure Conservative leaders and candidates can find ‘grass roots’ campaigners within our organization.  Pick your candidate(s) and we will get you in touch with their campaign.  Good luck!