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Women of Distinction Event

Women of Distinction event – first of its kind in Lee County Cape Coral, FL (April 11, 2017) — The Republican Women of Cape Coral, Federated (RWCCF) held their inaugural Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony at the Lake Kennedy Community Center on Friday April 7, 2017. The sold-out event celebrated six women of Lee County…

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Who Are These Millennials That Are Pro Democratic Socialism?

by Missi Lastra I was visiting with family members when one young gentleman entered the home where we were meeting wearing a Bernie Sanders 2016 t-shirt. Needless to say, I was quite put off and had to hold myself back from starting an anti-socialism debate. The worst thing was he was in the home of…

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The Left’s War On Free Speech In America

by Missi Lastra An old friend and ex-colleague sent me a private message on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. He stated that I needed to limit my politically centered propaganda posts (his words) to one per day or he would unfriend me. I really thought about this. Not that I was even remotely considering his request,…

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