It’s all about the kids.

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KKIDS- Mission Statement
(Keeping Kids in Distress Safe)

To assist “at risk” children by meeting their immediate needs for food, clothing, education, and a safe place to live temporarily or permanently.  To teach them, by loving example, that they can look forward to a safe future filled with amazing opportunities that do not include government dependency or toxic relationships.

We teach life skills, relationship skills, and job skills through involved parenting. We provide a safe place for the children without alienating the caregivers. We foster children without financial support from the government so that the caregivers won’t lose their monthly government food and financial subsidies.

Our goal is to keep kids physically and emotionally healthy, safe, and secure in the knowledge that they are in a protected environment, and they are loved and valued by adults they can rely upon.  Too often, their home life involves violence, strangers, abuse, drugs, and danger. Their environments are tumultuous and filled with drama. When they call us we act immediately to pick them up wherever they are and give them shelter. We expose them to a completely different lifestyle with experiences like travel, museums, nature, volunteering, cooking, budgeting, church, and maintaining a neat and orderly living space, which they often do not have at home. We are actively involved in their education as well, making sure they get tutoring if needed, and keep their grades at an acceptable level.

We also provide support to single mothers who are struggling. Often they need respite childcare, home repairs, and help with their vehicles and do not have the resources to seek help. We want the children to see that there are always people to help, and when they grow up we want them to be ‘helpers’ to others.

We want them to dream big and step out into the world with confidence, knowing that they can ‘be – go – do’ anything because they have our support and the support of a community.

Too often these kids are destined to repeat the cycle of what they have grown up with because no other options were provided.  We want to break that cycle with as many children as possible!  We want to establish a financial trust for these children as a foundation for their continuing education and adult endeavors.  We provide a safety net for them as they step into adolescence and then into adulthood. We are all they have.

Karen Reynolds Scott
Bruce C. Scott

KKIDS, Inc. – a Not For Profit Ministry

Our current needs are as follows:
-15 passenger van
-Home Repairs (electrical) for single Spanish speaking Mom with 4 young boys
-Baby clothes, diapers, etc. for Grandmother who just got custody of her 2 year old and 8 year old grandsons
-Braces for 2 of our KKIDS
-Glasses for a 10 year old boy
– Refrigerator for single Mom
– Washer Dryer for single Mom

Our dreams include:
– An air conditioned space for donations to be kept
– Bigger house to hold more kids